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Sharpening Services from New York, NY
Westpfal Henry and Company in New York, NY, provides sharpening services for professionals and non-professionals, several cuts
above anyone else.
Sharpening Service
We provide sharpening services for those working as hair stylists, chefs, medical professionals, manicurists, and pet-groomers working throughout greater New York City.

Sharpening: Professional Cutlery | Surgical Instruments | Pinking Shears | Cuticle Nippers | Tweezers | Straight Razors
• Items may even be mailed to us for sharpening.
• Turn-around is 2 to 3 days for items dropped off.
• Our services are first-rate and the work is guaranteed.
Leatherworking Tools
We offer products for leatherworkers through the CS Osborne Company, a trusted provider of leatherworking tools. We have in stock numerous products, and are able to special order any item or tool you like. Pricing is available through our store and shipping is available
Professional-Grade Cutlery
We offer cutlery from one of the world's most premier cutlery agencies, Wusthof Trident of America, Inc. The entire line of cutlery is designed and forged in Solingen, Germany, and brought to the United States through, Norwalk, Connecticut.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from paring to chef knives, we carry it all. As a premier provider of sharpening services, it is only fitting we offer cutlery of the highest quality.
Swiss Army Knives
Produced in Switzerland, by an incredibly reputable company, these utility knives are the best in the world.
We proudly distribute and hold a wide inventory of Swiss Army Knives
Scissors and Shears
We offer a wide selection of professional-quality shears for professional stylists and groomers. From cuticle nippers and nail nippers to salon scissors, we have them all.
Scissors and Shears are available from 3½ inch to 12 inch

We proudly carry Mundial Scissors

Whatever your needs are regarding shears, leatherworking tools, or cutlery, we are the best in the business and the only choice for sharpening services you will ever need.
 Hunting Knife, Sharpening Services In New York, NY
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