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Knife Sharpening and Sharpening Services from New York, NY
Westpfal Henry and Company of New York, NY is the only one in its class offering knife sharpening and sharpening services.
Sharp Commitment
Established in 1874, we have more than just a reputation of being a premier sharpening company for New York's professional stylists and culinary elite. We embody a pride in our work that is as deep as our history is long.
We are able to accommodate almost any tool or instrument requiring sharpening, from cuticle nippers to surgical instruments, we do it all and have seen it all.

Whether you need to drop off or mail in your scissors or knives we assure you they will be properly taken care of.
• Stylist Shears & Manicure Instruments
• Swiss Army Knives
• Tool and Knife Sharpening
• Cutlery
• Leatherworking Tools
Kitchen Knives, Professional Sharpening Services in New York, NY
We have the pleasure of working in an arena without many competitors, if any; however, this doesn't mean we are less than professional. To the contrary, we are sought after and have a reputation for excellence, working with many elite professionals.

We love what we do and we do it well. Whether you're a professional chef, a individual that enjoys cooking, or a groomer, we'll make certain our sharpening services are the best you will ever find.
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